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by Michelle Carnegie
02 October 2017

Most of us have realized by now that what we eat during endurance events determine the quality of our sporting performance. But finding the right sports nutrition to take in on especially those longer runs is often a struggle, and most definitely a personal journey for most of us. What works for the one, is not necessarily another runner’s cup of tea. It does however seem the one thing most runners have in common, is that more are gravitating towards taking in ‘real wholesome food’ when taking part in endurance events.
One such athlete who has made the shift to real food has even gone so far to develop her own range of natural and wholesome snacks and meals. And it definitely has paid off, apart from customized orders; Kathryn Cronje is now also supplying health stores and some fitness studios with her own range called Bare Nature Raw Treats.
How it all started
The company started as a result of Kathryn’s struggle to find products supporting the nutritional content and convenience that an athlete on the go requires. And Kathryn definitely knows what it feels like to be on the go! She is no newbie to sport, having raced as professional triathlete internationally, she qualified for the World Ironman Championships and has a long list of sporting achievements, ranging from running to swimming competitively.
After intense research and consultancy with dieticians and nutritionists as well as much experimentation with raw food types, Kathryn created a sports performance range as well as an everyday health range, that is ‘raw’, tasty, nutritious, and a convenient snack or meal replacement.
The difference
So what makes this range different? Well, latest studies have shown that when foods are heated above 47 degrees most of the nutrients are denatured, leaving us to eat empty calories. All the Bare Nature Nutrition products however are dehydrated below 46 degrees, therefore they are still considered raw, and all the nutrients are kept whole. Because all the ingredients are natural and raw our bodies recognize them, allowing them to be used in their entirety, which gives us that fuller feeling for longer. Thus making them a great form of nutrition while racing, and even before.

Some of the benefits of the Bare Nature Nutrition range include:
1.     Easy to chew and digest
2.     All bars are handmade
3.     Real food
4.     Contains no preservatives
5.     Contains no sugar
6.     Raw and dehydrated
7.     Preservative free
8.     Gluten free
9.     Sustained energy, no spiking
Everyone is unique
The greatest thing about this range is that you can customize your own bars by chopping and changing ingredients the way you like. For instance, if you like a bar that is a bit saltier and not too chewy, it can be adapted and made to your exact taste and preferences. “No two people are the same, so why should their nutrition bars be?” says Kathryn.
You can choose between the Pre-designed bars (with recommendations on which are good for runners, cyclists etc.) and the Build your own Bar, which enables you to choose from a list of ingredients to make up your own bar.
These bars come in different sizes and can be used either as meal replacements (meal bars) or as sports nutrition (snack bars). Many people use these bars as meal replacements, they are especially great for breakfast, and so nutritious as well as tasty children often love them. You can experiment how you want to use them during training or racing, but generally for a half marathon you should be okay just having one for breakfast. For a marathon it is a good idea to have another halfway.
Favorites amongst runners
One of Kathryn’s biggest sellers is the Salty Balls, which most runners just love. As we all know sweet stuff gets a bit much on race day. These Salty Balls come in peanut butter, macadamia nut butter or almond nut butter as a base with rolled oats, whey protein powder and of course salt. You can’t ask for much better that that! And if you are a peanut butter junkie, Kathryn also offers an amazing tasting natural peanut butter that has no sugar nor stabilizers, only roasted peanuts and a little bit of sea salt, idea for after a run. We had a taste of this and trust us it is good!
Kathryn is happy to supply samples to anyone who is keen to try her products. For more info and enquiries visit or contact Kathryn on 083 600 1826 /

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