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08 November 2017

We’re all pretty much obsessed with Shalane Flanagan right now. After one of the most historic and inspirational runs at Sunday’s New York City marathon, she’s the hottest topic, especially within the running community. We’ve put together some of Shalane’s best running advice and inspirational quotes. 
When Shalane crossed one of the most well-known finish lines in Central Park on Sunday she not only wrote her name in history books by becoming the first American woman in 40 years to win this race, but she also became one of the most inspirational runners of all times.
The 36-year-old Olympian is not used to first place. Though she has a string of magnificent performances behind her name in the last 10 years, she’s never won a major marathon. She has also had a string of disappointments, most recently that of missing the Boston Marathon because she was recovering from an iliac fracture.
Therefore Sunday’s run was a dream come true. Shortly after crossing the line in a time of 2:26:53 she summed her emotions up: “It’s a moment I’m trying to soak up and savor. This is the moment I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. This is the kind of moment we dream of, to find out our potential and realize how incredible we can be.”
With such a magnificent win and after overcoming so many obstacles Shalane has become an example of what can happen when you never give up on a dream, but persevere and believe in yourself.
And how did she celebrate her win? Though she craved a doughnut, she celebrated with a New York Pizza! 

Here is some of her most inspirational quotes and best running advice.
1. “To me, it’s not all about being fast; it’s all about finding your best self. I’m out there, yes, I’m trying to beat other people, but I think a lot of athletes just want to find their true potential—whatever that potential is. I think it’s important to not always compare yourself. Go internal and say, ‘Am I maximizing myself on this day?’ Once people let go of the comparisons, they can actually realize: I’m a great athlete and I’m doing the best I can. That’s a victory in and of itself.”
2. Accountability is key: "Everyone is different; I thrive on the accountability of a group environment. A lot of people are doing their training either before work or after work and it's hard to maintain that motivation. Marathon running is all about consistency—whatever you put into it you're going to get out of it. So having someone or a group is essential for training. And I really believe most people are like that. Finding a running buddy or running group to help keep you on task I think that really makes or breaks someone's preparation."
3. Breakfast like a champion: "My go-to in the morning is always coffee, an electrolyte drink, and my race-day oatmeal. It's basic and filling: oatmeal, honey or maple syrup for some healthy sugars, and then almonds or walnuts and berries mixed in. That's my must-have."
4. “What the four-hour marathoner goes through (during training and on race day) and what I go through is the same kind of thing. We all go through some highs and lows and self-talk to convince ourselves that we love it, even when things are rough.”
5. No regrets: “When deciding whether or not to get out of bed for your run, ask yourself: What are you going to regret? I base a lot of decisions around the fact that I don’t want to regret things. And when have you ever regretted a workout?”
6. It’s about the journey: Rather than focusing on the large end goal (say, a half-marathon), Flanagan focuses on the process. She sets smaller, short-term goals “For instance, just thinking: ‘You’re getting fitter, or ‘This workout is making me faster’ makes it worth it to push through each individual sweat session.”
7. “In the midst of an ordinary training day, I try to remind myself that I am preparing for the extraordinary.”
8. “I love the fact that not many people can say 'Oh, I went out and ran 20 miles today.' I love how much dedication it takes and how much you learn about yourself, your physical and mental limits. There's just something about it.
9. “When I go for a run, I come back a better person.”

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